Dr. Ivonne Möller

Karolin Hymon (Studentin)



Decentralised Equal Opportunity Commissioner

General information about the decentralised equal opportunity commissionership

There should be honorary equal opportunity commissioners at every faculty of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. These are allowed to participate in all committee meetings and appointment commitees of the faculty and therewith it gives them the opportunity of a direct influence. At the same time they are contact persons for all ideas, problems and matters concerning the equality of opportunities of the faculty. The equal opportunity commissioners form the connectin to the superior institutions (office for the equality of opportunities and equal opportunity commissioner of the RUB). Every status group has the opportunity to elect a commissioner.

Currently we, Karolin Hymon (student) and Dr. Ivonne Möller (scientific assistant), substitute for the interests of the faculty. We help gladly with all questions depending equality of opportunities - please just write an e-mail.


We would like to inform you about our activities for all female members of our faculty.


Travel Grant

We would like to make individual networking possible by granting travels (max. 500 € per travel)  - further information (in german only).

In case of any question don't hesitate to contact us!

Best regards
your equal opportunities commissioners
Karolin Hymon  & Verena Kubiak & Dr. Ivonne Möller