At the end of every semester, the Faculty of Physics & Astronomy at Ruhr-Universität Bochum evaluates all lectures that have been held by lecturers of our faculty. The results are discussed with the students in order to continuously improve our teaching.

In the questionnaire students get the chance to assign marks, e.g. considering didactics and methods. The marks of all involved lecturers are compared afterwards. The best lecturers in the categories “compulsory course”, “elective course” and “course for physics as minor subject” are presented on the festival of the faculty as lecturers of the semester.

You can review the evaluation results here. 

Information on the Raffle

Six prizes are raffled among all participating students. Three prizes are for physics students and three for non-physics students. PhD students are excluded from the raffle. There is no right of appeal.

Note to the winners:  Since the evaluation is completely anonymous, we have no possibility to identify your name. Please report Dr. Ivonne Möller (NB 02/172).

  Veranstaltungen für
Physikerinnen und Physiker
Veranstaltungen für
Nicht-Physikerinnen und Nicht-Physiker
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