CampusOffice for our Students

CampusOffice is the administrative programme for your studies. It contains your performance record with all the courses you attended including achieved marks. At the end of your studies, this will be the proof for you to have successfully finished your degree. Apart from your achievements you can find a printable version of your student ticket for public transport and keep track of your social contribution payments. Last but not least, CampusOffice is used to enrol for many courses. Other ways to register are also possible – you will be told about the process on the first day of the particular course.

There are two different processes to register:

  1. Tutorials: There are always different dates available for tutorials in physics. Therefore, you can pick three desired dates ordered by priority. If a date doesn’t fit at all, you can select “undesirable”.
  2. Written exams: You just need to register for the exam. Here, you can also cancel your registration for the exam, if needed.

At the end of every semester, your effected performances are entered in the system so that you can always keep track of your academic achievements.

Enter and Finish Courses in eCampus

Before starting with a final thesis, students have to finish all required courses and modules in eCampus. In some cases it is also necessary to manually enter courses. The Helpdesk at RUB offers some useful tutorials to show you how to organise your studies in eCampus.

Enter Achievements from other Universities or Programmes

To acknowledge achievemets from other universities, other study programmes or stays abroad, you need to manually enter them in eCampus. You can find step-by-step instructions here.