Iväg till Sverige - Prof. Dr. Julia Tjus becomes visiting professor in Gothenburg

07.11.22 | Faculty

Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, honors Prof. Dr. Tjus with an anniversary professorship.

During her research sabbatical in the coming summer semester, Prof. Dr. Tjus will take up a Jubilee Professorship at the Swedish university. The "Jubilee Professorships" have been awarded at Chalmers since 1979, at that time a gift from the Swedish government on the occasion of the university's 150th anniversary. The "Jubilee professors" are intended on the one hand to strengthen international ties and on the other hand to bring new skills and impulses to Gothenburg. They are appointed by the president of the university.

Professor Tjus will be a guest in the Department ofEarth, Space and Environment.

The faculty warmly congratulates Prof. Dr. Tjus and wishes a "god resa"!

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