Lecture Series: Our Universe - From the Big Bang to the Origin of the Earth

With our lecture series "Our Universe - From the Big Bang to the Origin of the Earth" we invite listeners from all faculties and interested visitors to a journey through the history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the formation of galaxies, stars and planets to the origin of the Earth and life. Each week our lecturers will present you with a different topic. No specific prior knowledge of physics is required for the lecture, but we do assume a strong interest in scientific topics.

Students (optional area) can find here the lecture and the corresponding exercise in the course catalog.

Program in summer semester 2023

April 14Our universe as a whole -
an introduction
H. Hildebrandt
(Astro. Inst.)
April 21Why we are all 13.8 billion years old -
The origin of the elements
U. Wiedner
(Exp. Phys. I)
April 28The view into the universe -
new telescopes for astronomy
M. Stone
(Astro. Inst.)
May 5Our Milky Way -
a new look at a typical spiral galaxy
D.J. Bomans
(Astro. Inst.)
May 12New windows to the cosmos -
what particles and gravitational waves tell us
D. Elsässer (Fak.
Physics, TU Dortmund)
May 19The "zoo" of galaxies -
their formation and development
R.-J. Dettmar
(Astro. Inst.)
May 26Active galactic nuclei -
the "monsters" at the center of galaxies.
A. Franckowiak
(Astro. Inst.)
June 9The birth and the moving life of starsK. Weis
(Astro. Inst.)
June 16Exoplanets -
in search of the second Earth.
S. Huettemeister (Fak.
Physics & Astronomy
& Planetarium)
June 23Shielded by the wind -
the heliosphere and life on earth
H. Fichtner
(Theor. Physics IV)
June 30The earth from spaceA. Rienow (Fak.
July 7The formation of the earthS. Chakraborty (Fak.
July 14The origin of life -
From simple building blocks to complex molecules
A. Eckhardt
(Fac. Chemistry)

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