Physics Colloquium

Every semester we offer our Physics Colloquium. The varied programme is not only interesting for physicists, the different topics and areas are also intended to appeal to other interested parties. In addition to lecturers and scientists from our own faculty, our colloquium also regularly hosts speakers from all over the world.

We cordially invite you to participate in the Physics Colloquium!


The Physics Colloquium is held every Monday during the lecture period at 12:00 c.t. in H-NC 10 or hybrid as a Zoom meeting.

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Program in winter semester 2022/2023

17.10.Prof. Dr. Benjamin Joachimi
University College London
Topic: Cosmology With the Responsible Use of Machines

Introduction: Prof. Dr. Hendrik Hildebrandt
24.10.Prof. Dr. Michèle Heurs
AEI Hanover

Introduction: Prof. Dr. Anna Franckowiak
7.11.Prof. María A. H. Vozmediano
CSIC, Madrid
Introduction: Prof. Dr. Michael Scherer
14.11.Dr. Catherine Pepin
CEA, Sacley
Introduction: Prof. Dr. Ilya Eremin
21.11PD Dr. Tsanko Tsankov
Ruhr University Bochum
Introduction: Prof. Dr. Ilya Eremin
28.11.Prof. Dr. Ludovic van Waerbeke
UBC Vancouver
Introduction: Prof. Dr. Hendrik Hildebrandt
5.12.Prof. Dr. Silvana Botti
University of Jena
Introduction: Prof. Dr. Ilya Eremin
12.12.Lectures on the dissertation award
Introduction: Prof. Dr. Ilya Eremin
19.12.Dr. Nathan Jukam
Introduction: Prof. Dr. Ilya Eremin
9.1.Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Paul
Martin Luther University Halle
Topic: Shut up and calculate!

Introduction: Prof. Dr.Uwe Czernetzki
23.1.Dr. Arne Ludwig
Topic: Challenges towards high efficiency low noise quan-tum dot single photon sources

Introduction: Prof. Dr. Ilya Eremin


Prof. Dr Anna Böhmer

Prof. Dr Anna Böhmer

NB 4/125
Tel.: +49 234 32 23649


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