Help for logging on to the internal area


The internal area is exclusively for faculty members. This includes students and staff of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy. When you click on the blue "Login" button, a pop-up window appears. Here, faculty members can log in with their RUB login ID.

One-time activation

If you are unable to log in despite having the correct login details, this is probably because your login ID has not yet been assigned to our faculty. This is necessary to check whether you are a faculty member. After activation, you can log in via the "Login" button in the navigation bar.

Activation for the respective user groups works as follows:


Students of the faculty can activate their own access to the internal area of the faculty website. To do so, you must be enrolled in one of our faculty's degree programmes.
For activation: Rubiks


If you are not yet able to log in, please send us your RUB user name (login ID) by e-mail. After activation you will receive a short feedback from us.

We are happy to help!

If there are any problems despite the above information, please write us an e-mail.

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