The South Pole PC room is a service offered by the faculty to students and teaching staff. The room enables a targeted expansion of teaching content to include IT-related areas such as the use of online libraries, databases, software libraries and other information services. In addition, IT-related courses such as introductions to theoretical physics, numerical methods in plasma physics or object-oriented programming will be continued with significantly modernized equipment. Furthermore, the room is available to students for the creation of study-related documents and offers Internet access.

The design and implementation of the multimedia physics seminar room is the result of an initiative by H. Fichtner, G. Hornig, B. Neubacher (Institute of Theoretical Physics) together with U. Arendt and T. Cleve. The construction was financed by the Rectorate and the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy.


South Pole PC Room

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The South Pole has 18 computers with the same equipment. There is also a lecturer's computer in the lectern for lectures or practical courses. The air-conditioned room also has a projector for presentations, which can be accessed from the lecturer's computer or from an external device connected via HDMI. The room has a duplex black and white printer that can be accessed by all Südpol computers.


The South Pole is installed with a current Debian 9 Stretch system.
With the help of Fai (Fully Automatic Installation) it is always up to date.

The following software is available, among others:

  • mathematica
  • maple2016
  • glvis
  • pandaroot
  • rsi
  • matLab2017
  • Articulate
  • Flashing
  • Cantor
  • Narrow-eye digitizer
  • KAIgabra
  • Calcium
  • Kanagram
  • KBrupture
  • QtiPlot


For booking inquiries or other questions about SÜDPOL, please contact us at suedpol(at)
Accounts are primarily issued to students and employees of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, personal signature of the terms of use required, bring student ID if necessary!


Technical Office, NB 7/31-32, Tel. 0234 32-28878 

Organizational matters

Malte Engelsberg, NB 02/132, Tel. 0234 32-21128


Malte Engelsberg, NB 02/132, Tel. 0234 32-21128
Technical Office, NB 7/31-32, Tel. 0234 32-28878

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