What awaits you in the Bachelor of Science in Physics

At the beginning of your studies, you will learn the basics of physics. Because mathematics is the language of physics, the maths modules provide you with the necessary tools to be able to solve physics problems.

From the fourth semester onwards, you can choose two specialisations, one of which allows you to enter the bachelor's phase directly. You can choose between many subject areas in the Bochum physics bachelor's degree. Whether astronomy, solid state physics, hadron physics or plasma physics, whether experimental or theoretical - you are sure to find a suitable research area with us.

If you would like to include a stay abroad in your studies, you will get the opportunity to do so in the fifth semester. Of course, you can also spend the fifth semester with us at the RUB.

In the last semester, it is time to combine the specialist knowledge you have acquired and start the final phase of your Bachelor's degree. After a familiarisation phase at one of our chairs, you will complete your studies there with your Bachelor's thesis on a topic of your own choice or a suggested topic.

Fit in physics, fit for professional life

We make sure that you learn interdisciplinary skills in addition to your subject knowledge. In modules specially developed for physics students, for example, we teach you teamwork and communication skills. In addition, you can shape your individual course of study with various modules from neighbouring subjects such as chemistry, computer science or mathematics and thus also learn to think outside the box of your own subject. You can always find current events for the semester in the module handbook.

Incidentally, the admission restriction for Bachelor's degree courses was lifted for the 2017/2018 winter semester - This means that all degree courses at our faculty are now admission-free. This means that all prospective students can enrol directly without having to apply in advance.

Structure of the Bachelor of Science in Physics as a circle diagram: The programme is divided into the following components: 50% physics, 15% Bachelor's thesis, 15% mathematics, 10% key competences, 10% elective area.

What you need to know before you start

When can I start my studies?

You can always start the Bachelor of Science in Physics in the winter semester.

Do I have to apply for the degree programme?

No, our degree programmes are open-admission programmes. You can enrol directly for the winter semester. You can find more information on enrolment on the central RUB website.

What prerequisites do I need to study physics?

You do not need any special prerequisites to study physics, but you should be interested in scientific issues.

How do I know if a physics degree is right for me?

Physics, as the foundation of the natural sciences, wants to understand our world and our universe from top to bottom. That is why our faculty motto is also "From Matter to Materials" - from matter to materials, from the very small to the very large, because everything interests us. So if you also want to "learn to understand" and are curious about the world and the universe, physics is the right place for you.

However, an important prerequisite is that you are not completely averse to math, because we in physics use math as a tool. Don't worry, even if you don't have an A in math, studying physics can still be just the right thing for you. Our preliminary courses and the foundation course will give you exactly the tools you need as a physicist. What's more, we won't leave you to your own devices during your studies; there are various opportunities to revise and deepen the material you have learned. You can find out more on the study network page.

We also invite you to take advantage of the advisory services offered by the faculty and the university if you are unsure whether you have chosen the right subject.


Do I need special language skills?

The language of instruction for the Bachelor's programme is German. However, as we are internationally linked and many scientific texts are only available in English, it is advantageous if you have a solid knowledge of English.

Is there an introductory programme at the beginning of the degree programme?

Yes! In the first weeks of your studies, you will receive all the information you need for your studies. But even beyond that, you will always find a sympathetic ear at the faculty if you have difficulties or questions.

Do I have to attend a preliminary course?

We recommend that you attend our pre-course, but attendance is not compulsory. In the preliminary course, mathematical skills are refreshed and deepened. You can find all information about the preliminary course on the overview page.

In the preliminary course, you will also get to know your future fellow students and gain an initial insight into student life in Bochum.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

If you are looking for more information about the Bachelor's programme, please have a look at our FAQ on. Of course, you can also contact our study advisor Dr. Meyer personally for advice. You can find Dr. Meyer's contact details on the Student Counselling page.

Student advisory service for Bachelor's degree programmes

Dr. Dirk Meyer

Dr. Dirk Meyer

Advice on Bachelor's degree programmes

NB 04/595
Tel.: +49 234 32 23198


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