The study network is a program of the faculty that is intended to support students in as many matters as possible during the introductory phase of their studies. Student scouts provide students with professional, organizational and personal support.

The offer of the study network includes:

  • daily office hours in the study room (NB 03)
  • topic specific workshops
  • Visits to the study groups for the lectures Physics and Mathematical Methods
  • contactable via e-mail

The technical support is especially aimed at students participating in the basic physics lectures (EP I-III, TP I-III, MM).

Group picture of the scouts of the study network

The scouts of the study network (from left to right):
Patrick, Lara, Fabian, Yana, Sven

Study Network FAQ

What is the study network?

The study network is a program of the faculty for the professional, organizational and personal support of the students in the context of the study entrance phase. It integrates the programs "Tutorial" and "Physics Helpdesk" into an extended overall concept.

Who are the scouts?

The scouts are students from higher semesters who are motivated to support their fellow students during the start of their studies. They are happy to support you with their expertise and experience, be it by advising you on your studies, the choice of modules, the follow-up of lectures, or by providing professional explanations of assignments or lecture content.

What are the offerings during office hours?

The Study Network offers daily office hours in the student workroom ('Studiraum') on NB 03 South. During the office hours, you will find professional support, for example, in solving exercise notes or preparing lecture content. We also help you with the organization of your exam preparation and your studies as a whole.

What workshops does the study network offer?

The workshops are organized by the scouts and are based on the needs of the students. Topics can be both technical and organizational in nature. The format of the workshops depends on the topics, from short presentations by the scouts to independent development of solutions in groups, everything is conceivable.

Why do the scouts visit the learning groups?

For the lectures Physics I/II and Mathematical Methods of Physics weekly study groups take place, which are led by students of higher semesters. The scouts regularly visit the study groups in order to be available as contact persons for technical, organizational and personal concerns regarding the studies.

Where can I find more information about the study network?

All information about the study network can be found in the Moodle course of the study network. Also, feel free to drop by the office hours and talk to a scout in person!


During the lecture period, we offer daily office hours from 2 to 4 p.m. in the study room on NB 03 South. 

You can also reach us by email or through our Moodle course.

Coordinator Study Network

Dr Julia Hellwig

Dr Julia Hellwig

Senior lecturer in higher education

NB 02/131
Tel.: +49 234 32 27168


Our scouts are looking forward to meeting you!

I remember my time shortly after starting my studies very well: At that time, I was grateful for any kind of assistance I received. I am all the more pleased to have the opportunity to give back as much as I can through the study network.

- Fabian

Since I was in middle school, I have always enjoyed explaining things to people, and Scouting itself helps me review and reinforce things from earlier semesters.

- Lara

"You don't study physics alone!" is a physicist's wisdom that I was also always taught at the beginning of my studies. But it is true: Physics thrives on exchange, especially between students in different semesters. I am glad that we are promoting exactly that with the study network. I've always enjoyed passing on what I've learned, so I'm very happy to be part of it!

- Sven

I like to turn something complicated into something very simple. The eyes of people who have opened up new horizons are incredibly beautiful. It gives me great pleasure to motivate people to dive deeper into a subject. Our program allows me to help people and I love it.

- Yana

Discussing physics (or other topics :D) with my fellow students has always been a lot of fun for me
. With the study network this has become my job, I am really happy to be part of it!

- Patrick

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