Grafik des Leitbilds der Fakultät, mit den vier Schwerpunktbereichen:<br />Theory and Implementation of Material Design<br />Non-equilibrium physics plasma and interfaces<br />Plasma/particle interactions in astrophysical contexts<br />Hadron Physics FAIR

From matter to materials

Physics, as the foundation of the natural sciences, is the only discipline that seeks to understand nature in its entirety. This can be summarized under the motto "From matter to materials":

  • from the smallest to the largest
  • From the origin of time to eternity
  • where we come from and where we are going
  • From the basics to everything useful for society

The study of the physics of matter, be it elementary particles, nuclei, correlated electrons, plasmas, interstellar media, dark matter or galaxies leads to knowledge and understanding that becomes visible in materials of our daily life. These materials are the basis of applications and the starting point of engineering. Physical effects are used and realized in the materials. With the materials physics is carried into society. In the linking of the physical understanding of matter with materials research lies a unique strength of Bochum's physics and astronomy and thus of the interdisciplinary research on the campus of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. On the basis of this breadth, the Bochum physics faculty offers the best conditions to work on very different and exciting topics in changing compositions and alliances.
In addition to the numerous individual projects, there are a number of collaborations in which the Bochum physics faculty is the spokesperson or in which it participates. These consortia are funded by different third parties, be it the BMBF, the DFG or the EU.

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