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The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy offers prospective students five degree programmes with numerous specialisation options in the faculty's departments. The continuous improvement of the range of courses is an important core task of the faculty in order to ensure an optimal career entry for graduates.

All degree programmes at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy are open-admission programmes. For the Bachelor's degree programmes, prospective students can matriculate (enrol) without prior application. For the Master's degree programmes, prospective students must present a Bachelor's degree (or an equivalent degree) and attend an advisory interview before enrolment. The English-language Master of Science Physics is exempt from this regulation. Here, prospective international students must apply for a place on the programme. Details on the formalities of the individual degree programmes can be found on the respective overview pages.

Enrolment on Bachelor's degree courses is only possible in the winter semester. The deadlines usually start in mid-July (further information on the central pages of Ruhr-Universität Bochum). Master's courses can also be started in the summer semester.

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More information about our study programmes

Structure of the study programmes at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

The Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes are consecutive programmes that build on each other. Students usually need six semesters (three years) for the Bachelor's degree. With the completion of the degree (Bachelor of Science or 2-subject Bachelor), a first, professionally qualifying degree is secured.

Afterwards, it is possible to enter professional life directly or to continue thestudies in a Master's programme.

Bachelor's degree programmes

Bachelor of Science

You study physics as your main subject, supplemented by modules from other subjects.

  • 6 semesters of sound Basic education
  • Wide range of subject-specific focal points


2-subject Bachelor

You study two subjects in parallel, for example physics and mathematics.

  • 6 semesters of sound Basic education

  • Wide range of Subject combinations


Gut zu wissen:

If you are not sure at the beginning which Bachelor's degree path is right for you, that is not a problem. You can easily switch to the other study path during the Bachelor's phase if you realise that the other path suits you better.


Infographic showing the structure of the degree programmes. A text version is available on the website.

Master's programmes

Master of Science

In the English-language Master's programme, you deepen your academic skills in four semesters and decide on a subject specialisation.

  • Numerous specialisation options, e.g. plasma physics or astrophysics

Master of Science Medical Physics

In the Master of Science Medical Physics you will specialise in an exciting and growing field of research that is becoming increasingly important for modern medicine. 

  • Diverse specialisation options at RUB, for example imaging techniques, biophysics, applied physics in medicine or neuroinformatics.

Master of Education

In four semesters, you will deepen your knowledge of physics and supplement it with a focus on educational science.

  • Career objective: Teacher at grammar schools and comprehensive schools
Do you have questions about your studies? Our study advisors will be happy to help you.
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