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07.06.22 | Study

This article originally appeared on 29.04.2022 and was updated on 07.06.2022.
For students who are interested in a stay abroad, the RUB International Office is again offering numerous advisory services this summer semester.

Online group initial counselling of the International Office

If you are interested in a stay abroad during your studies and do not yet know exactly where to go, you can take part in one of the online groups in the summer semester 2022. Online Group First Advising of the International Office participate in one of the exchange events. Here you will be comprehensively informed about all exchange, scholarship and funding opportunities. Prior registration is not required.

Language Café Bochum

In cooperation with the AKAFÖ Bochum and the Centre for Foreign Language Education, the International Office presents the Language Café Bochum. Sprachcafé is an online meeting place where RUB students can deepen and practice their foreign language skills in various language chats every week. The language café will take place from 11 April 2022 from 6.30 to 9 pm.

PROMOS scholarships

Within the framework of PROMOSa scholarship programme financed by the BMBF, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum will again have funds available in 2022 to promote student mobility. Applications are open to RUB students from all faculties who are planning a stay abroad to write their final thesis, an internship abroad (except in Erasmus participating countries) or a study visit via an exchange programme of the International Office or the faculties/institutes at a foreign partner university of the RUB worldwide (except in Erasmus participating countries), as well as teachers who would like to receive funding for the implementation of study trips. The application deadline for the next round is 01 June 2022.

Stay abroad in Latin America

Are you interested in a Study abroad in Latin America in the summer semester 2023? Then you can still apply for places at the RUB partner universities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico until 15 June 2022.

ERASMUS Internship Funding

If you are planning an internship abroad in Europe that is at least 60 days long, you can Erasmus Internship Grant apply for an Erasmus grant. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, but must be received at least one month before the start of the internship.

DAAD Language Certificate

At the Centre for Foreign Language Training (ZFA) at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, all RUB students can obtain a DAAD Language Certificate acquire a DAAD language certificate. The next test date is Friday, 13 May 2022. Registration deadline is 10 May 2022.

Utopia Europe

Utopia EuropeThe university office of the Institut français Germany and the Franco-German University of Applied Sciences are organising a debating competition for students on the topic of "Ecological Change". Student teams are still being sought at short notice. Financial support is available for participants . Interested students should organise the project together with a person in a responsible position at their university.


Some time ago, the DAAD launched a new funding programme for prospective teachers, Lehramt.International. Applicants can receive funding for a self-organised internship at school institutions abroad for one to six months. This can be a voluntary internship, but also a compulsory internship.

study worldwide - Experience It!

Are you interested in a stay abroad during your studies, but don't quite know where to go and with which programme? Then take a look at the website "Study worldwide - Experience It!" of the DAAD and the BMBF. There, numerous correspondents report on their experiences abroad.

Update 07.06.2022

Fulbright Study Scholarships 2023-24

Fulbright Study Scholarships 2023-24: Master's students who wish to study as a graduate student at a US university for one to two semesters in the academic year 2023-24 can apply for a Fulbright Study Scholarship. The scholarship supports study in the USA with up to $ 34,500. The application deadline is 21 August 2022.

PiStE project

If you are currently studying for a Master's degree in teaching and have always wanted to gain experience in international teaching, you have the opportunity to do so within the framework of the PiStE project of the Professional School of Education (PSE) at the RUB. During a three-month stay abroad, DAAD and BMBF funding will give you the chance to study and teach in schools abroad at the same time. The target countries are currently Ecuador and Finland. Applications for the winter semester 2022/23 can be submitted from now until probably September 2022.

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