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Rediscovering Our Universe - Students Present Their Projects at the Planetarium

05.07.23 | Study

"Pitch Your Science" is the motto under which 20 students from the Ruhr University have developed science communication projects. On July 15 and 16, the project now invites to the Bochum Planetarium for the exhibition of the projects.

Under the direction of Dr. Hartwig Junge, Sophie Aerdker (Faculty of Physics and Astronomy) and Ilja Jaroschewski (Faculty of Physics and Astronomy), ideas were "pitched", prototypes designed and further developed to the finished product in the summer semester 2023. In interdisciplinary groups, six products were created that provide new, exciting and playful perspectives on "Our Universe". All projects were implemented in cooperation with the Makerspace of the Ruhr University Bochum. The following projects were created in the teaching and experimentation space on the former Opel site:

  • Solar System Board Game
    A playful journey through our solar system.
  • Timeline Carpet
    From Nebra into space: An illustrated journey through the history of astrophysics in three carpets.
  • Solar Minecraft
    Explore realistic representations of Mars and the Moon, solve interesting challenges about our solar system and learn more about space travel in a co-op Minecraft adventure.

  • Sounds & Symmetry
    Outdated and modern science - the combination of astronomy and music: what do the development of the first models of the solar system have in common with Fourier series and a musical instrument.

  • Helios
    Learn how earth's magnetic field interacts with its environment and protects us from magnetic solar storms.
  • Civilisation and Space Podcast
    Philipp and Moruff discuss how one civilization can be built on another.


On July 15 and 16, visitors can view and try out the project results and prototypes in the Bochum Planetarium. Interested people of all ages are invited.

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