Galactic puzzle fun - Free and open access: "Our Universe. The puzzle tour." offers exciting puzzle fun in downtown Bochum.

14.09.23 | Event

In keeping with this year's theme of the nationwide "Year of Science 2023 - Our Universe", Bochum Marketing in cooperation with Think-Square Bochum is organizing an exciting puzzle tour from September 25 to October 22, just in time for the fall vacations. Space enthusiasts and puzzle fans of all ages can puzzle their way through Bochum's city center - and there's also something to win.

Puzzle tour through our solar system
In the puzzle tour, participants embark on an exciting journey whose plot has been specially designed for this purpose: The task is to save the mission of the fictional Intergalactic Space Agency (ISA), whose satellite has been damaged. During the puzzle tour, the players slip into the role of budding researchers who, with the help of the
With the help of the artificial intelligence "Pluto", they have to solve puzzles dealing with the planets of our solar system.

Eight stations in the city center
Eight different stations in the whole city center of Bochum stand for one planet each. The puzzle stations, which are located at the Mercure Hotel, the fashion store Baltz, the Bochum Touristinfo, at the Rathausvorplatz, the Dr.- Ruer-Platz, SATURN, the Blue Square and at REWE in the Bermuda3Eck, are freely accessible. Participation in the puzzle tour is free of charge. All that is needed is a smartphone. A particularly practical feature is that there is no particular order to the game, so after a short registration at each of the stations, you can start puzzling with the help of a QR code.
with the help of a QR code. There are not only clues on the smartphone screen, but often also in the shop windows specially designed for the puzzle tour or in the surrounding area. Here, information from the Langendreer Planetenweg, a project of the Lessing School Bochum, is also displayed. The puzzle tour is suitable for families, adults and children from the age of twelve and can be played alone or in teams.

Special chance to win
All those puzzle fans who successfully complete the mission and solve the puzzle will have the opportunity to take part in a prize draw at the end of the tour. Bochum Marketing will raffle off two deck chairs from the exhibition "Mars finds City", which was on display in June and July at the "Christuskirche - Church of Cultures", among all participants who have successfully puzzled their way through the city center. The deckchairs, on which visitors could take a seat under Mars, were particularly popular during the exhibition.

The Science Year 2023 in Bochum
The nationwide "Science Year 2023 - Our Universe" has been very well received in Bochum. After the summer highlight, the traveling exhibition "Mars Finds a City," which was on display in June and July at the "Christuskirche - Church of Cultures," and other exciting program items of the Bochum partner network for the Science Year, the puzzle tour now forms a new highlight in time for the fall vacations in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is intended to get young and old excited about the topics of the universe and outer space. Further information on the Science Year in Bochum and the puzzle tour is available at

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