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Physics Colloquium on 13.06.2022: Inaugural Lecture PD Dr habil Thomas Hammerschmidt

07.06.22 | Event

On Monday (13.06.22) at 12.00 c.t. the next date of our physics colloquium will take place.

The speaker will be PD Dr habil Thomas Hammerschmidt (ICAMS, Ruhr University Bochum) on the topic:

"Machine-learning material properties with domain knowledge of the interatomic bond".

The computational design of materials relies on the ability to predict the stable atomic structure for a given chemical composition. At the atomic scale, electronic-structure calculations like density-
functional theory (DFT) provide robust predictions but are often limited in the exploration of chemical diversity and geometric complexity due to the numerical effort. An increasingly important
approach to overcome this limitation is modern data science with numerical representations of structure-property relationships. These are established by associating digital representations of atomic
structures with their formation energies from DFT calculations and by a numerical representation of the relations in this data set by a machine-learning (ML) model.
The predictive power of the ML model strongly depends on the descriptors that represent the atomic structure. In this talk I will present recently developed descriptors that incorporate domain knowledge of the interatomic bond from a hierarchy of electronic-structure methods. The first level of domain knowledge uses simple model Hamiltonians to obtain the local density of states. The second level includes bond chemistry in terms of bond-specific model Hamiltonians from downfolded DFT eigenspectra. The third level picks up the influence of band filling via approximate bond energies. energies. The application of these descriptors will be demonstrated for binary and ternary transition-metal alloys

Abstract Lecture PD Dr habil Thomas Hammerschmidt

The introduction will be given by Prof. Dr. Heiko Krabbe.

The faculty cordially invites all interested parties. The event will take place in lecture hall HNB and hybrid via Zoom. Before the colloquium we offer coffee and biscuits.

This link will take you to the Zoom event (Meeting-ID: 632 5520 9938, password: 526977). All dates of the Physics Colloquium can be found here.

Some impressions of the event:

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