The Ruhr-Universität Bochum is a member of the international university consortium UNIC (European University of Post-Industrial Cities). In addition to the RUB, UNIC includes universities from Bilbao, Cork, Istanbul, Liège, Oulu, Rotterdam and Zagreb. All cities are united by their post-industrial transformation and the challenges it poses.

The universities in the network offer virtual teaching and learning opportunities that can be used by all students and teachers at the partner universities. As a RUB student, you can easily take a course at another university from home. 

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UNIC Opened Courses List

Here you will find all current open course offers of the universities participating in UNIC.

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Inter-University Campus

RUB students are UNIC students. This gives you access to a European student card, the virtual UNIC Campus and the UNIC Mobility Hubs.


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UNIC Events

Here you will find an overview of various UNIC events throughout Europe and virtually. In addition to conferences and trainings, there is also a language café and sporting challenges, for example. 

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