From April 3 to 6, 2023, the next free project week for girls will take place at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy in Bochum. In four exciting projects you can again become a scientist for a week.

Invited to register are all students of levels 8, 9 and 10.

The faculty's project week has been running since 2002 and many former participants have decided to study with us after leaving school. Perhaps we can also awaken your spirit of research? We look forward to welcoming you to the project week soon.

Projects in the Easter vacations 2023

From plasma to gold layer

A girl in a white tulle dress touches a plasma ball with one finger

How does an object get a gold coating? And what do plasmas have to do with it?

In the project "From Plasma to Gold Coating" you will learn about exciting applications of plasmas, the fascinating luminous gases in physics. Together we will investigate how plasmas are used in practice and how they can be used to gold-plate objects. You can get active yourself in the workshop and coat a souvenir!

We use a sputter coater to deposit thin gold layers. We then use professional laboratory equipment to examine these layers. You look at the best way to deposit the coating.

The colours of the stars

What colours do stars have? Are they really colourful? Join us on a discovery tour through our universe and find out!

As a universe detective, you will go in search of clues during the project week. Together we will explore the secrets of the stars and find out what the universe really looks like. You will learn what the colourful images from space are all about and how you can learn about our cosmos.

House of the future

A girl in a white tulle dress touches a plasma ball with one finger

How can you keep a house warm for a long time with little energy? Learn how we can build smarter in the future!

In this project, you will be the master builder of your own model house and can test for yourself how to build a house of the future. With different building materials, 3D printers and computers, we first build our houses and then we can thoroughly examine them to see if our models stand up to the tests.

Physics in medicine

How can you look inside a body? Find out how ultrasound and X-ray work and try it out for yourself!

During the project week, you will learn how to save human lives with physics. We explain the difference between X-rays and ultrasound and how these technologies can be used to visualise bones, organs or embryos. You can even do an ultrasound examination yourself!

Programme and further information

In addition to the workshops in the individual projects, we also offer you a colourful supporting programme during the student project week. For example, you can look forward to:

  • Laboratory visits
  • a real lecture at the university
  • Eating together in the canteen
  • a visit to the planetarium

...and more surprises!

In the mornings, we always have breakfast together, and at lunchtime we eat together in the refectory (there is no charge for the food!).

Note: We would like all interested students to have the chance to participate in the project week. Therefore, we offer to provide a ticket for public transport if needed. Please be sure to indicate whether you need a ticket when you register!

For tips on how to get to the university, please check the information on the RUB's central website:

Website Travel to the RUB


Three students are pictured from behind. They are wearing summer clothes and walking on the university bridge towards the railway station.

During the project week you will also get to know the campus of the Ruhr-Universität.
Photo: RUB, Marquard

FAQ Student Project Week

When does the project week for boys and girls take place?

The project week takes place during the fall vacations for everyone. In the Easter vacations, the project week is offered exclusively for girls.

In which grades may I participate in the project week?

The project week during the fall vacations is aimed at students in grades 8 and 9.
The project week during the Easter vacations is offered to students in grades 8, 9 and 10.

Can I participate in the project week even if I am one level below or above the indicated grade level?

The content of the project week is adapted to the grades. Therefore, the registration is advertised for each of these grades. Please contact us personally if you are younger or older.

What are the projects?

The number of projects offered varies for each project week. During the project week in the Easter vacations 2023, four projects will be offered. These are: From Plasma to Gold, The Colors of the Stars, Physics in Medicine, and The House of the Future.

Where and when can I register?

Registration for the project week during the Easter vacations 2023 is possible at The deadline for registration is 19.03.2023. When registering, make sure that you select the correct project for which you would like to register.

How do I know that my registration worked?

After registration you will receive an automatic mail confirming receipt of your registration. Also check your spam folder to see if there is any mail there.

You didn't get a confirmation email? Register again online or ask by mail at. to see if you are logged in.

I have missed the registration deadline. Can I still register?

If there are still places available after the registration deadline, it will also be possible to register at a later date. However, due to organizational reasons, it may be that no ticket for the transport to and from the university can be provided.

When will I receive detailed information about my participation?

The detailed instructions for participation, program and documents will be sent two weeks before the start of the project week.

You didn't receive any information about your participation, although you received a confirmation email after registration? Please contact us by mail at .


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