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Physikalisches Kolloquium am 17.04.2023: „The Very High Gamma-Ray Window to the Cosmos“

11.04.23 | Physikalisches Kolloquium, Veranstaltung

Am Montag, den 17. April 2023, um 12:00 Uhr c.t., findet der nächste Termin unseres Physikalischen Kolloquiums statt.


Referent ist Dr. Dominik Elsässer (Technische Universität Dortmund) zum Thema: „The Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Window to the Cosmos“.

The atmosphere of our earth permits direct ground-based observations of photons from the cosmos only through two “windows” of transparency, one in the radio band, and one in the optical regime. During the last decades, we have however opened up an indirect third window, at energies of tens of GeV and beyond, which enables us to perform sensitive ground-based observations of the extreme universe using imaging air Cherenkov telescopes. These telescope systems have matured from purely experimental facilities to an integral part of multi-wavelength astronomy. In this colloquium talk, recent key scientific findings from the MAGIC and LST-1 telescopes located on La Palma (Canary Islands) will be presented. A focus will be on observations of transient energetic phenomena like thermonuclear novae in our Milky Way, rapid outbursts of the active nuclei of distant galaxies, and gamma-ray bursts. In addition, sensitive searches for the dark matter in the Universe will be discussed.

Abstract des Vortrags von Dr. Dominik Elsässer.

Die Einführung erfolgt durch Prof. Dr. Ralf-Jürgen Dettmar.

Die Fakultät lädt alle Interessierten herzlich ein. Die Veranstaltung findet im Hörsaal HNC 10 und hybrid via Zoom statt. Vor dem Kolloquium bieten wir Ihnen Kaffee und Kekse an. Über diesen Link gelangen Sie zur Zoom-Veranstaltung (MeetingID: 632 5520 9938, Passwort: 526977). Alle Termine des Physikalischen Kolloquiums finden Sie hier.

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