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Physikalisches Kolloquium am 22.01.2024: Exploring Portals to a Hidden Sector Through Fixed Targets at CERN

16.01.24 | Physikalisches Kolloquium, Veranstaltung

Am Montag, den 22. Januar 2024, um 12:00 Uhr c.t., findet der nächste Termin unseres Physikalischen Kolloquiums statt.

Referent ist Prof. Dr. Horst Fischer (Universität Freiburg) zum Thema „Exploring Portals to a Hidden Sector Through Fixed Targets at CERN“.

The Standard Model of particle physics, despite its remarkable success, faces challenges like dark matter, matter-antimatter asymmetry, electroweak scale fine-tuning, and the strong CP problem. This quest has led to a growing interest in the search for heavy neutral leptons or, more generally, feebly interacting particles characterized by suppressed interactions with Standard Model bosons and/or fermions. Various models predict such particles, but their specific masses and interaction strengths are unknown. Feebly interacting particles can indirectly interact with Standard Model particles through portals, including the vector, scalar, fermion, and pseudoscalar portals. The BDF/SHiP collaboration suggests using CERN SPS to search for light, long-lived exotic particles with masses below O(10) GeV/c2, leveraging the high-energy SPS 400 GeV beam in beam-dump mode.

Abstract des Vortrags von Prof. Fischer

Die Einführung erfolgt durch Prof. Dr. Fritz-Herbert Heinsius.

Die Fakultät lädt alle Interessierten herzlich ein. Die Veranstaltung findet im Hörsaal HZO 20 statt. Vor dem Kolloquium bieten wir Ihnen Kaffee und Kekse an.  

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