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Physikalisches Kolloquium am 21.11.2022: Kinetics of Non-Equilibrium Plasmas (Antrittsvorlesung)

15.11.22 | Veranstaltung

Am Montag (21.11.22) um 12.00 Uhr c.t. findet der nächste Termin unseres Physikalischen Kolloquiums statt.

Referentin ist PD. Dr. Tsanko V. Tsankov (RUB) zum Thema: „Kinetics of Non-Equilibrium Plasmas“ (Antrittsvorlesung)

Low-temperature plasmas are complex non-linear systems consisting of electrons, ions and neutral particles. Usually the characteristic times for bringing the different plasma components in equilibrium are much longer than the times for interaction of the particles with the external environment (chamber walls and external electromagnetic fields). Consequently, these plasmas are far away from thermodynamic equilibrium, and excitation, ionization and radiation are not described by the corresponding Maxwell-Boltzmann, Sahaor Planck distributions. This enables interesting non-equilibrium chemical processes in the plasma volume or interactions on the surrounding surfaces. These processes are behind the ubiquitous use nowadays of low-temperature plasmas and stimulate the search for further areas where they can find practical application. However, the non-equilibrium state of the plasmas also makes their experimental characterization and the prediction of their behaviourchallenging, since now the individual plasma parameters have to be measured separately using complementary diagnostics.

In this talk some of the kinetics of non-equilibrium low-temperature plasmas and the experimental methods for their investigation will be presented by way of specific examples for discharges producing such plasmas. These examples include the excitation dynamics of neutral molecules in ns-pulsed discharges at near atmospheric pressures, the energy distribution and pressure of ions impinging on the chamber walls as well as the relation between the emission spectra and the plasma characteristics in low-pressure discharges.

Abstract Vortrag PD. Dr. Tsanko V. Tsankov

Die Einführung erfolgt durch Prof. Dr. Ilya Eremin.

Die Fakultät lädt alle Interessierten herzlich ein. Die Veranstaltung findet im Hörsaal HNC 10 und hybrid via Zoom statt. Vor dem Kolloquium bieten wir Ihnen Kaffee und Kekse an.

Über diesen Link gelangen Sie zur Zoom-Veranstaltung (MeetingID: 632 5520 9938, Passwort: 526977). Alle Termine des Physikalischen Kolloquiums finden Sie hier.

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