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ABGESAGT: Physikalisches Kolloquium am 27.11.2023: „Transport and Scattering in Exotic Quantum Matter“

21.11.23 | Physikalisches Kolloquium, Veranstaltung

Am Montag, den 27. November 2023, um 12:00 Uhr c.t., findet der nächste Termin unseres Physikalischen Kolloquiums statt.

Referent ist Prof. Dr. Christian Hess (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) zum Thema „Transport and Scattering in Exotic Quantum Matter“.

Key aspects of today’s research on quantum matter are exotic ground states which, for example, feature fractionalized or topological excitations. In this talk I will provide an overview on pertinent research activities of the experimental solid state physics group at the University of Wuppertal with a focus on the transport properties of low-dimensional and frustrated quantum magnets. Typically, these system possess strongly quantum disordered ground states, and yet well-defined emergent fractionalized excitations with peculiar properties. I will first introduce the nature of such fractionalized excitations – the spinons – in 1D Heisenberg chains and demonstrate the ballistic nature of their heat transport.

Afterwards, ongoing research on the thermal Hall effect in Kitaev materials which are candidates for Majorana fermion and vison excitations as well as the ultra-low-temperature transport of kagome materials will be discussed

Abstract des Vortrags von Prof. Hess

Die Einführung erfolgt durch Prof. Dr. Anna Böhmer.

Die Fakultät lädt alle Interessierten herzlich ein. Die Veranstaltung findet im Hörsaal HZO 20 statt. Vor dem Kolloquium bieten wir Ihnen Kaffee und Kekse an.  

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