Prof. Dr. Uwe Czarnetzki

Prof. Dr. Uwe Czarnetzki

Experimental physics, especially plasma and atomic physics

NCDF 04/298
Tel.: +49 234 32 27218




The research interest focuses on the physics of low-temperature plasmas. This includes questions e.g. on ohmic and shock-free heating, on the transport and distribution of charged and uncharged particles or on the propagation of electromagnetic fields in ionized media as well as related aspects of atomic and molecular physics. In this context, the application and development of new diagnostic methods is of particular importance. One focus is on laser spectroscopy, e.g. for the measurement of electric fields, distribution functions or particle densities. However, emission spectroscopic techniques, ion energy analysis and other standard techniques are also used.

Parallel to the experimental investigations, modelling and the use of simulation calculations are also among the essential techniques for achieving an overall physical understanding. In particular, excited plasmas (CCP, ICP, Helicon, NLD) and recently also micro-discharges at atmospheric pressure are investigated by means of radio frequency coupling.

Current research topics are: shock-free heating using helicon waves, stochastic heating in capacitive discharges, nonlinear plasma oscillations, the electric asymmetry effect, optical modulation spectroscopy in inductive discharges, laser spectroscopic E-field measurement, Thomson scattering, magnetic X-point discharges.

The person


1965 - 1978 School education and apprenticeship as an electrician at RAG
1978 - 1979 Basic military service
1979 - 1985 Study of physics (diploma) at the University of Essen
1986 - 1991 Doctorate in physics at the University of Essen
1993 - 1999 Habilitation in experimental physics at the University of Essen

Professional career

1986 - 1992 Research assistant at the University of Essen
1992 - 1993 Postdoc at Kyushu University (Japan) as JSPS-AvH fellow
1993 - 1999 Research assistant (C1) at the University of Essen
1999 - 2001 Research assistant (C2) at the University of Essen
since 2001 Professor of Experimental Physics (C4) at the Ruhr University Bochum
since 2004 Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (since 2008 as Section Editor) and Japanese Journal of Applied Physics.
2004 - 2006 Managing Director of the Institute for Experimental Physics
since 2005 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Leibnitz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology e.V. (INP) in Greifswald
2005 - 2009 Deputy Speaker of the Research Training Group 1051
2006 - 2008 Chairman of the International Center of Excelence in Plasma Science and Technology Network
since 2008 Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy at the Ruhr University Bochum

Memberships and commitment

  • German Physical Society
  • German Society for Plasma Technology e.V. Institute of Physics
  • German Society of JSPS Scholars
  • Humboldt Club Germany
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