Our preliminary course is aimed at all first-semester students who wish to start their studies in the winter semester.

With our preliminary course "Introduction to the Mathematical Tools of Physics" (or simply "Physics Pre-course") we pursue two goals:

  1. The mathematical competences required in the first semester are refreshed and deepened. Basic calculation techniques for the lecture "Physics I" and "Mathematical Methods I" are practised and new mathematical concepts applied in the lecture "Mathematics for Physicists I" are introduced. Here, existing school knowledge is built upon, but new subject areas are also worked on (e.g. vector calculus), so that the preliminary course provides new content for all students.
  2. Important competences with regard to the later ability to study are analysed and practised with many practical examples. Exercises are worked on and learning strategies for working at a university are learned.

We achieve these goals through a combination of classical lectures and work in small learning groups.

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FAQ Pre-course

Who is the preliminary course for?

All students who start studying physics in the winter semester should take part in the preliminary course. It is designed for both 1-subject students (Bachelor of Science) and 2-subject students.

When does the preliminary course take place?

The preliminary course takes place in September before the start of the winter semester. You will find the exact dates for the preliminary course in 2024 here shortly.

Is there an additional introductory event?

An introductory event takes place before the preliminary course. You will find the dates for the next event here shortly.

Where does the preliminary course take place?

The preliminary course takes place in presence in the lecture hall HNB. The exact details will be announced at the introductory event on August 31, 2023 at HNB.


Do I have to register for the preliminary course?

Info for winter semester 23/24:

Initially, you do not have to register for the preliminary course; all those interested in taking up the study of physics in the winter semester 23/24 will be given a place in the preliminary course.

I have found various preliminary courses on the internet - which is the right course for me?

If you would like to study physics starting in the winter semester 2023/2024 - whether as a 1-subject student (Bachelor of Science) or as well as for 2-subject students - then our course is the right one. The pre-course offered by the Faculty of Mathematics is integrated in our pre-course package. The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy cooperates closely with the Faculty of Mathematics. In the introductory session you will get all further information.

If you do not plan to study physics, this pre-course package is not suitable for you. You can find the appropriate pre-course under the following link : Information on other pre-courses.

Does the preliminary course cost a fee?

No, a fee is not charged. 

Can I acquire CP (credit points) for the physics degree course by taking part in the preliminary course?

Yes, if the exam is passed before the start of the first semester. The preliminary course can be credited with 5 CP in the free elective area for 1-subject Bachelor and in the optional area for 2-subject Bachelor. Note: only one preliminary course can be recognised.

What if I cannot attend the preliminary course?

If participation in the pre-courses is not possible, we recommend participation in the online mathematics bridge course OMB+.

You can find out whether you are well prepared for studying physics in terms of mathematics with the help of the StudiCheck . You can take an online test there and get an initial assessment of your abilities. If you find that you are not well prepared in some areas of mathematics, you can use Studifinder to find a maths course that allows you to work through the most important mathematical tools at home.

Contact for questions about the preliminary course

Torsten Cleve

Torsten Cleve

Pre-course contact

NL 02/129
Tel.: +49 234 32 25865


Contact Advice Bachelor's degree programmes

Dr. Dirk Meyer

Dr. Dirk Meyer

Advice on Bachelor's degree programmes

NB 04/595
Tel.: +49 234 32 23198


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